Early Years

Join us for a wonderful group experience for our younger students. Here the focus is on learning positivity, sharing, taking turns, listening to each other, and feeling seen and heard. Social-Emotional intelligence is key as children learn to feel at home with each other.

Early Years is taught by Rebecca Martin. Rebecca graduated from UCSB with degrees in theater (acting) and literature. She worked her way through college, working at a bookstore where she developed a story theater. Listeners began inviting her to parties and schools, and her career as a professional storyteller began. Rebecca taught at a Montessori school after college, leading drama classes and directing plays in their school programs. She also created workshops in musical theater, poetry, puppet, and story theater.

She has since performed, sung, and taught at hundreds of libraries, schools, and community events all over California and beyond … and has been seen telling stories on PBS. Rebecca recently participated in a grant through Theater West to teach choir and music in city schools. She travels around the city as a teaching artist, delighting in sharing music and theater, and helping children find their voice. As an actress, she’s been in Shakespeare companies, various film and theater roles, and a regular member of the Improv group Slow…Children at Play in North Hollywood.

Early Years introduces:

  • Numbers and math patterns
  • Letters and words through reading and storytelling
  • Science and art
  • Music and movement

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