Urban Homeschoolers & Charter School Funding

Urban Homeschoolers is proud to be a vendor for the following charter programs:

Be aware that registering for classes and signing up for charters are separate tasks. You must register for each individually. For your Urban Homeschoolers tuition to be credited to your charter, please read the following information carefully, and follow the instructions before your child begins classes.

Charters require that you are approved for funds before classes begin. Be aware that if your child begins classes before they are approved for funds, fees for those class sessions are your responsibility. If you leave your charter before the end of the term, or if your charter does not make payment, responsibility for unpaid charter funds reverts to you. You are required to notify us if you leave or change your charter.

You are responsible to complete the necessary paperwork, and to communicate with both your charter and with us about your funding. When we receive purchase orders from your charter to cover your tuition, we credit your account with the notation that it is unpaid. Once we receive payment, it is marked paid. This enables you to track the charter activity on your account.

You must provide the following information so that we can support you with your charter:

  • During registration, when asked if you are a member of a charter, select the name of the charter you are working with. If you are working with more than one charter, select Multi-charter.
  • So that you are not billed for any classes your charter will cover, as soon as you register, fill out the Charter Funds form.¬† (If you are working with more than one charter, fill out a form for each charter.) We use this information to determine your balance, if any, while we wait for your charter to submit purchase order(s). If we have not received this information before payment is due, your card will be processed according to the regular payment schedule.

We know that navigating the world of charters can be challenging. We’re here to help. If you would like to meet with our Charter Specialist to discuss your questions and concerns, you can set up an appointment here.