Tutoring & Privates

Our tutoring program is a terrific way to enhance your child’s education using teachers they know, in a place they love.  Following the recommendations during COVD-19, tutoring is done virtually and can be a great way to drill down on skills, get extra help where needed, or let your child really lean into their strengths.

Our tutors provide support in core subjects–math, science, language arts, as well as the creative arts. Find out more about our tutors and the subjects they teach.

To Arrange Tutoring or Private Lessons

Tutors’ fees and schedules vary. To learn more or to set-up tutoring/private lessons with any of our teachers, please contact Julie Leary.

If you already know which teacher you want to work with, you can also go to the Tutoring & Private Lessons login page to create a New Student Account.

Math & Science

Language Arts & Social Sciences

Creative Arts