Kirsten Karlsrud

Kirsten Karlsrud started her teaching career in New York after completing her degree in elementary education with a minor in music. Kirsten has over thirty years of experience serving as an educator, coach, and mentor. Kirsten taught at the highly respected Hackley School, in Tarrytown, New York, for twenty-six years where she continued with her training and obtained her Master’s Degree. She created a curriculum for Kindergarten through fourth grade about Westchester County history.

Kirsten comes from an accomplished musical family and has played the flute since she was ten. Kirsten has had the great fortune to be well-travelled; some of her travel highlights include chaperoning teenage students while touring Russia and China.

Kirsten loves sports. She’s an avid skier, scuba diver, and volleyball player. She has been able to apply her skills by coaching varied teams. Kirsten is one of the Friends of the Pasadena Playhouse where she ushers and volunteers as a docent. This summer, Kirsten had the honor of being invited to lecture at UCLA for students visiting from China.

Kirsten has dug her toes into the California sand and become a full time resident. Her love for children follows her wherever she stands. She says that wherever she stands she’s the biggest kid on the block!

Kirsten teaches:

  • All About Money
  • Book Worms
  • Fridays with Ms. Kirsten
  • Math Games
  • Mind Math
  • Mysteries, Magic & Mischief
  • Our Community
  • School Yard Games
  • Sports & Games
  • The 7 Continents: Geography of the World
  • What was…? (Ages 7-9)
  • What was…? (Ages 9-11)


Kirsten is available for tutoring for all core subjects up to sixth grade. For more information about tutoring, click here.