Urban Homeschoolers and Inspire Charter Schools have partnered to offer a specialized learning program that can be tailored to fit your child’s needs. Along with free classes at UHS, your child is provided with a comprehensive online curriculum, as well as a credentialed teacher onsite at Urban Homeschoolers, available to facilitate Charter requirements, and to help your student have their best learning year ever.

The Specialty Program is for students in grades K thru 8 and provides the following number of FREE classes based upon your student’s age:

  • Ages 7-9     Unlimited Classes

  • Ages 9-11   7 classes

  • Ages 12+    6 classes

Enroll with Inspire | Register with Urban Homeschoolers

Inspire is a free public charter school. You must enroll your student directly with Inspire and provide the records, forms and waivers required by a public charter school in the state of California. Annual state testing is administered at UHS.

When enrolling with Inspire you need an Enrollment Certificate that lets Inspire’s team know that your student is enrolling in the Urban Homeschooler Specialty Program. When uploading your student’s birth certificate and other supporting documents, there will also be an opportunity to upload the Enrollment Certificate. (Please fill in Debby Berman on the form where it asks for your teacher.) Failure to include this form in your enrollment process may slow things down.

You must register with Inspire AND Urban Homeschoolers to complete your child’s registration. Your child will not be enrolled in classes at UHS if you do not complete the UHS registration. Please select Specialty Program Inspire as membership type on your student’s registration form. If your child has already been a student at UHS they will already be in the system. Once you have completed your student’s Inspire registration you can register for classes using your existing account. Please be sure to update your student’s account to reflect your student’s enrollment in the Inspire Specialty program.

If you have any questions regarding registering with Inspire, please go directly to their website or email our Inspire Specialty Teacher, Debby Berman, at debrab@inspireschools.org. For questions regarding registering for classes at UHS please email us at.

​Enroll with Inspire | Register with Urban Homeschoolers