Rachel Rosenstein-Sisson

Rachel is a graduate of New York University, where she studied Studio Art with a focus in sculpture. She completed a Premedical Post baccalaureate at the University of Southern California and went on to join the USC Glioma Research Group, where she evaluated novel small molecule chemotherapies and characterized cancer stem cells.

Rachel has over 11 years of tutoring experience in math and science and has taught a range of subjects.  While studying at NYU, she assisted with undergraduate sculpture. She taught high school math and aided in curriculum development for South Central Scholars Summer Academy, an intensive college prep program. Rachel also taught art to fourth graders for Art Smart, an organization determined to keep visual arts education in public schools despite drastic funding cuts.

A few years ago, Rachel started a vegetable garden at an underserved public school in Van Nuys. She was awarded a Lowe’s Toolbox of Education grant to fund the garden.
In her spare time she enjoys gardening, foraging, cooking, and making art with unconventional materials.

Rachel is passionate about hands-on learning and encouraging curiosity. Her goals as an educator are to develop critical thinking skills, healthy skepticism, confidence, and creativity.

Rachel teaches:

  • Biology & Chemistry Monthly Labs
  • Middle School Earth Science
  • High School Life Science
  • Pre-Algebra/Algebra
  • Gardening for 7-9 years


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  • Math