In this class students develop music fundamentals—chords, melody, and rhythm—by learning popular songs. Students help choose these songs, and this will culminate in a recital. 

Physically, the ukulele is a much more approachable instrument for young hands than a guitar. The skills developed on ukulele translate to other instruments, though it is also a rewarding instrument in its own right. Learning a handful of chords opens up the possibility for adapting a majority of popular songs.

Ages 7-9, Tuesdays 11 am-12 pm, $320

This class allows the children to play with storytelling, play acting, and working together creatively! They will "write" and act out stories both from already existing literature including fairy tales and poems and let them try on making up their own narratives and characters.

In the past we have provided a costume box to help with the creativity and to fire student imaginations, but this year we encourage each child to bring a costume piece or prop they might wish to incorporate each week.

If the group chooses to, they may have an opportunity to participate in a small performance at the end of the semester! The experience of learning to co-create and play with others will be our focus.

1hr, Tuesdays On Campus, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Los Angeles is a mecca of diversity, creativity and individuality and it deserves to be embraced. In this mixed ages artist community, the primary focus will be local and living artists: their work, style and story.  

Topics will include local painters, muralists, sculptors and mixed media artists. We will use these discussions to inspire our own version of their work. This class will be easily moved from online to in person and vice versa. An art kit with supplies needed for various projects will be provided. Whether in person or online, classes will start together as a group for the lesson, break apart during project time, then come together again at the end  for students to share their work, discuss their process, and look to peers for positive feedback if so desired...basically, be a community of artists who inspire and support each other.

1 hr. Thursdays On Campus 3:00pm - 4:00pm
$368 + $30 materials fee = $398