In partnership with Digital Dragon, Urban Homeschoolers is offering three technical camps during Summer 2019.

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Note  Summer programs require a $100 deposit per camp, processed after registration. The balance is due on June 1.

Digital Production: Stop Motion (ages 7-12)

July 22-26

Working together as a miniature production lab, students will flesh out a variety of projects, from initial pitches to story drafting, and on through filming and editing. Green screen techniques, lighting, camera composition and more are all technical skills that will be covered. Each crew will customize their stop moon project based on their creative aspirations and artistic design, some mediums could include: 2D paper animation, LEGO characters, clay, or drawing animations.

LEGO Robotics and Engineering (ages 7-12)

June 10-14th

Have you ever wanted to build your very own robot? In this Summer Robotics Camp, you will explore the evolving world of robotics, learning how to build, program, and perfect your very own robots. Using LEGO robotics kits, you will learn to build and program robots–integrating motors for moving parts, and sensors to take input from the physical world–to complete a variety of challenges.