Preparing to live and work in a digital world

In partnership with Digital Dragon, UHS offers the following classes for budding technologists and those who will work in a digital world.

  • Junior Technology (7-9)
    Learn the principles of programming using fun, easy to use, visual programming tools. At the same time, they exercise basic computer and keyboarding skills, as well as become informed about the safe, kind, and mindful use of technology and the internet.
  • Robotics: Beginning (10-11) & Advanced (12+)
    Learn to build, program, and perfect robots using LEO robotics kits with motors and sensors.
  • Coding: Beginning (10-11) & Advanced (12+)
    Learn the fundamentals coding using MIT’s Scratch, student brainstorm and test interactive programs. They bring to life worlds and characters on a digital canvas.
  • Digital Skills for Entrepreneurs (12+)
    Technology fuels most organizations and companies. In this class, students develop their own business idea, create a mission statement and a business plan. Then they learn how to use digital editing software to create a logo, learn about branding, and how to use digital tools to develop their business.