Megan Sanchez

Megan McBay Sanchez was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California. Although she has left the state a few times, Los Angeles has always been the place she calls home. Megan has always loved using art as a tool to understand and discover the world around her.

After graduating from high school, she spent a year living in the Whittier/East L.A. area. While attending Rio Hondo Junior College, she met a woman who ran a life drawing workshop at Self Help Graphics in East Los Angeles. Megan reached out and asked if she would look at her art, and upon seeing her work, the woman invited her to attend additional workshops at Self Help, where she became close to many of the students there who also happened to be local artists. Eventually, they invited her to attend their prestigious printmaking program that was historically available to support Latin American artists in the area.

During Megan’s time at Self Help, the organization was run by its founder, Sister Karen Bacelerro. It was a privilege and honor for Megan to work with a woman who had opened the first arts organization in support of Latin American artists in the area. Sadly, Sister Karen passed away that year, and Megan found herself straying from the organization, which had, at that point, become open to the public.

Despite her withdrawal, she continued to grow from her amazing base of an arts education, and combined with the rich influence of Latin American Los Angeles art, her work began to develop a very distinctive look. She loved COLOR! Megan wanted her work to be big, bold, colorful, and expressive. Most importantly, the heart of her work contained a constant reflection of what it felt like to be a working, female artist, and how she processed all of her personal stories from her birth to present-day in her work.

Later, she attended Pasadena City College where she took two years to build a portfolio and send applications to schools around the United States. She ended up at Kansas City Art Institute, and primarily focused on conceptual work and printmaking, spending a total of five years in arts-related programs.

Currently, Megan homeschools her two beautiful daughters, is a postpartum doula, a birth advocate, an arts educator, a children’s book writer and illustrator, and will always and forever be an art student. Her current favorite styles of art to work in are portraiture in realism and fantastical storytelling. If you see her, please stop by and talk to her about your favorite art period. She would love that.

Megan teaches:

  • Art and Social Change
  • Citizens History of America

Megan is available for tutoring in:

  • Grades 1-5 in Waldorf-style education
  • Art, including still life, figurative work, watercolor, color pencils, graphite, gouche, and portfolio preparation
  • History of art and social change, as well as local history