Dungeons and Dragons Camps Summer 2018

Dungeons & Dragons Beyond!
Ages 8 – 18
August 13 – 24, 2018 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Tuition $350 Materials Fee $10

Learn the ins and outs of everything D&D related! Students will master the rules and secrets of Dungeons & Dragons, learn how to be a Dungeon Master themself and run their own “homebrew” games. Students will be given the opportunity to craft their own adventures and playtest them with their friends. We will study the art of character creation, story building and what values are important in developing these. We will have miniature painting, map building, character sketching, and puzzle creation classes as well as a session on how to make your own dice tray. Students will have a Character Art Display Project due at the end of the class where they represent their character(s) using any medium; examples are costumes, drawings, paintings, poems, 3D models, comics, short stories and music. Time will be set aside for actual D&D playtime!

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Instructors: Zion Crosby and Abby Polakow