Founders & Directors

Anna Smith, Founder & Owner

Anna is a second generation homeschooler. Her early education included Waldorf, public school, and homeschooling.  After deciding to homeschool her own children, she tried out different homeschooling avenues, such as filing an R4, CAVA, and Sky Mountain charter school.

Anna’s family is a part of several learning co-ops in the Los Angeles area. She was a founder and marketing director of The Red Chair School of Performing Arts in Burbank, CA.  She is currently on the board of directors for The Red Chair Children’s Production Company, where she has produced numerous productions, including The Nutcracker and Annie at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA.

In her life before children, Anna worked as an assistant director and stage manager at the Academy Playhouse as the resident stage manager at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater, both on Cape Cod, MA.   Anna is the mother of three, and is enjoying the homeschooling adventure with her family.

Angelia Robinson

Director, Atwater





Zion Crosby
Assistant to Ms. Robinson

Brenna Gibson-Redpath, Founder & Owner

Brenna comes from a long line of teachers and professors.  Before becoming a full-time homeschooling mom, she made her living as a musician, writer, and voice-over actor. Brenna has always home schooled her two children, now 14 and 18, and her family has an eclectic approach, using pieces and parts of any philosophy that works, as long as it honors a child-led approach. Her oldest graduated this year, and is on to college.
Brenna has been a member of both private and public school home-schooling co-ops, and has taught in all of them. A firm believer in the concept of “It takes a village”, her passion for finding mentors and opportunities for homeschooling kids led her to co-found Urban Homeschoolers.
 A few years ago the Redpath family sold everything they owned and went on a 16 month adventure across three continents. Their award-winning website, From Here to, documents their journey.  They loved their travels, miss several parts of the world very much, and are (usually) very happy to be back home in Los Angeles.

Bruce Fleenor

Director, Westchester