Atwater Village Campus

Our Atwater Campus is hopping! We offer classes in all subjects, for all ages, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays are Music Days. In addition,  we have a calendar chock-full of movie nights, events, and holiday celebrations.  Our Atwater Village families are a wonderful community of both new and experienced Hybrid-schoolers. Come check us out!

For a description of classes and the schedule, see the side menu.

Unlimited Program

For students who are taking more than six classes, Urban Homeschoolers offers a flat rate for classes. The following list details the unlimited price for classes in the following categories:

  • Ages 7-9 — $1414
  • Ages 9-11 — $1414
  • Ages 12-14 — $1781
  • Ages 12+ — $1939

Director: Angelia Robinson
Assistant: Zion Crosby

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