Abby Polakow

Abby Polakow began her teaching career as a Waldorf teacher several years ago. After leaving Waldorf, she explored similar independent education environments that provided the freedom of creating lessons that could accommodate the individual students with whom she was working.

Abby has a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA, where her primary focus was learning ancient Egyptian history and reading hieroglyphs. That interest has continued, as Abby returns to Egypt nearly every year. Before becoming a teacher,

Abby spent over a decade as a costume designer. She hopes that her variety of experiences and adventures inspire her students to pursue their wildest dreams!

Abby teaches:

  • World History | Elizabethan England
  • California History
  • Culture Club
  • Little Artists
  • Essay Writing
  • Handwriting and Cursive
  • Middle School English
  • Magic of Math
  • Words on the Page