“I love learning! The only thing I love more than learning is sharing my passion for learning with my students. I build excitement and enthusiasm for every subject I teach. Some of my students think I am a little over the top, but that’s ok, because they learn from me. They learn that finding one thing to get excited about makes studying the subject so much easier and more fun.” ~Tami Ordoñez

Tami Ordoñez is the owner and operator of The Tutors Table and a freelance teacher and private tutor. She tutors in the Santa Clarita Valley and online since 2015. Before that she taught middle school and some high school in the Waldorf School System for 14 years. While studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in History, she discovered that she loves learning. Teaching in the Waldorf Schools taught her that she loves sharing her passion for learning with others. 

Tami embraces the Waldorf philosophy of teaching to the whole child and bringing hands on activities to assist learning. Beyond that she is open to finding the best way to help the children learn.

Tami holds a BA in History from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and an MA in Education (Waldorf Emphasis) from Touro University & Rudolf Steiner College, Vallejo CA.  She is also a Level 1 graduate of the Spacial Dynamics Institute located in Mechanicville NY.

Tami Teaches:

  • Algebra and Pre-Algebra
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Higher Math
  • Geometry

Tami tutors in the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Science

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