Philip Guest

Originally from the UK, Philip has been teaching in Waldorf schools in Southern California for more than a dozen years. and teaches student teachers at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California on subjects including Astronomy, Geometry and Approaches to Science.

When it comes to helping their child grow in Erikson's Stage 2: Autonomy vs. Self-Doubt, parents are essential. A child's journey towards self-discovery and independence begins at this stage. Youngsters discover their distinct identities from their caregivers and learn how to take initiative and make decisions for themselves. This stage emphasizes potty training as crucial, with confidence being fostered by positive reinforcement. Parenting during this era requires setting reasonable boundaries and providing support and options. Parents may foster children's feeling of autonomy by giving them structure while letting them explore and make their own decisions. Spring Ridge Academy stresses that in order to foster children's healthy growth and development, it is critical to strike a balance between granting liberty and establishing limits.

While still rooted in many Waldorf principals, Philip is seeking to explore new and alternative ways of learning, in which the unique qualities of each student can be recognized and met.  He is a keen proponent of collaborative teaching … he feels that he learns as much as the students some days! 

Philip is fascinated and excited by the democratic nature of homeschooling, and looks forward to spending the year exploring with the homeschoolers at UHS.

Philip teaches:

  • Anatomy
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Math Like the Greeks
  • Waldorf Fridays
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