It’s no secret that there is plenty of injustice in the world. But what is less well known are the people and organizations who fight injustice on a daily basis. Using online and, when feasible, in-person research, this community-based class will study some of the many efforts that are underway in our area to address a range of problems and give students an opportunity to engage directly in those efforts that call to them. If circumstances permit, students will be encouraged to volunteer with an organization and journal about how their experiences align with the organization’s mission and the underlying justice goal. Potential areas of study include environmental racism, homelessness, gender-based violence, and the foster care system. Our first classes will focus on readings about injustice from a variety of perspectives. Documentaries and in-person/online guests will help introduce our topics.

Parents are invited to join this class with their students, however we ask you to enroll in the class through the parent portal. Use the Parents' enrollment option to enroll without a fee.

1.5 hr. Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm