Students will create their own city.  They will then set up the city council, run for office, create advertisements, and participate in debates.  They will thoughtfully bring up different issues that they will have conversations about.  Ex.. gun laws, law enforcement, homelessness etc…They will learn about local government and have a ton of fun! This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

1 hr. Wednesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

This class is an exploratory class that covers a wide array of techniques and material.  In class we will find or bring thing to fix, improve, or dissect. Some techniques that have been covered in the past are: electronics, computers, wood working, reading schematics and diagrams. This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

Parents are invited to join this class with their students, however we ask you to enroll in the class through the parent portal. Use the Parents' enrollment option to enroll without a fee.

1.5 hr, Fridays, 10:00am - 11:30am
$409 + $25 materials fee = $434

Class Teachers: Joe Giddings  and Indiana Leary. One on One Lessons: Joe Giddings, Indiana Leary and Christian Nesmith

During these "unique" times, the UHS music department, while continuing  its students' instrumental music education, will also incorporate the art of recording techniques, music video production and Rock and Roll history by bringing it all together in our "Multi-Media Rock Band" course. 

Students will take part in the production of music videos, requiring them to learn  songs on their chosen instrument, learn how to record those songs, learn how to make a video of themselves playing each song, and become savvy in the various forms of media and the Internet Transfer Protocol required to put it all together. Additionally, students will discuss rock music history, music video history and its role in Pop Culture, album cover art and song writing.   

Each student attends a weekly 1 1/2 hour group class and an included 30 minute one on one lesson. They will be provided with all the knowledge needed to immerse themselves in the multimedia art form we have come to know as the "music video" and provide them with multiple avenues of career exploration in the music industry and digital world. 

The class culminates at the end of the semester with the "airing" of their music videos for family and friends to enjoy.

1.5 hrs., Tuesdays, 9:00 am -10:30 am + 30 min. weekly private session by appointment

To paraphrase the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, life isn't one darn project after another. It's one darn project over and over. All projects are different, but the process for accomplishing them is largely the same. Come up with an idea, figure out what steps and resources you’ll need, create a timeline with deadlines, and then --- VOILA! Except for forgetting some steps and not being able to get resources and realizing someone else did your exact idea better and …. Well, you get the idea. Being able to break projects down into discrete steps AND being able to adapt when things don’t go according to plan is an important and life-affirming skill. In Project Project, adapted from the Mastermind leadership model, students will identify a substantive project, develop a plan for achieving it, and move toward completion. You’ll hold each other accountable through weekly check-ins and monthly "hot seat" sessions. You’ll gain leadership skills by developing and facilitating one class per month. You’ll hear from speakers who will talk about their career and life journeys, and how they created and adapted projects that have led them to where they are today. And along the way, you’ll work toward your chosen goal and reflect on the process as well as the outcome. Our first few weeks will involve lots of brainstorming and planning. If you have a project in mind, great! If you have no idea what you’d like to do, that’s fine! We will work together and support each other in developing your ideas and expanding your creative skills. This class will meet weekly on Zoom during the summer and continue into the fall, either online or in person as conditions permit. 

1hr. Mondays, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Beginning Tai Chi (Tai Chi Yang Form) (can be online) Beginning Tai Chi covers basic movement, breathing and technique as well as the Tai Chi short form. We will start with the basic movement and breathe that provides even the beginner an immediate positive response in the body.  As the semester continues we will learn the Tai Chi Yang form.  It is a short form consisting of 24 steps, a beginning form.  Every position in the form allows proper energy movement for each of the vital organs as well as balance and focus. This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

Parents are invited to join this class with their students, however we ask you to enroll in the class through the parent portal. Use the Parents' enrollment option to enroll without a fee.

1 hr. Fridays, 9:00am - 10:00am

Technovation is a class for girls in technology. There is a competition in the spring for teams of up to five to see who can build the best app for mobile devices to solve a community problem. The teams must be made up of students who are girls, identify as girls, gender non-conforming, or transgender youth (competition rules). The students will learn Problem-solving, Research & design, Coding, and Entrepreneurship. In addition, they may engage in community activism on some level, and create something that can truly impact their community in a positive way. For ages 10 and up. There are two divisions for the competition a Junior division (ages 10-14) and a senior division (ages 15-18). It is my vision that UHS can field at least one team in each division. We will brainstorm, plan and construct in person or online. We will follow guidelines regarding entering the Technovation contests as the emerge.

1 hr. Mondays, 2:30pm - 3:30pm

This is a basic wood working techniques class taught with a fine arts class style. Basics such as shaping, cutting, drilling, gluing and safety are covered.  First projects are Instructor lead as we move further into the semester we will be covering design elements and techniques allowing more independently creative projects.  The difference between this and a traditional wood working class is projects do not necessary need to be usable objects they may be stand alone sculptures. Students should have the idea of purchasing wood for the class as this is part of the learning process and provides more wood if the student wishes to tackle an independent project. 

*Please have students dressed for a shop setting. No open toe shoes, no long sleeves, no shorts, and long hair pinned up. This class is very difficult to accomplish online. UHS will put this class on hold unless we are allowed to have class in person. Please register if your child is interested so that we may communicate with you regarding the status of this class!

2 hrs, Friday, 12:30pm - 2:30pm
$406, + $50 materials fee = $456

UHS Internships will give teens the opportunity to gain professional work experience for resume building and college applications.