Teens4Teens is a philanthropic organization founded by Urban Homeschoolers’ 14-year-old Lorelei Darling. Teens4Teens’ primary mission is to help children in foster care, the homeless population and lower income families by working directly with Penny Lane Foster Centers and their sister organizations.  Being part of Teens4Teens, in addition to helping other youth in need, proves to our teen members’ selves and to the world around them that teenagers are smart, passionate, and aware and caring about what themselves and their peers are going through. By having teens involved in helping others, Teens4Teens also breaks some of the stereotypes society unfairly places on today’s teenagers. They achieve these goals through discussions of other teen philanthropists, participation in holiday drives, fundraisers, and field trips and volunteer opportunities with Penny Lane Centers.

For more information about Teens4Teens, visit their website here.

1 hr., Fridays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

AngeliaUrban Homeschoolers Model United Nations students will learn the history and structure of the United Nations. They will explore a blend of history, political science, and current events within the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Successful students will learn to walk in another’s shoes and fully represent the positions of their adopted countries in UN simulations. Weekly class sessions may be held either in person or online as needed. Our Advanced Team gives experienced model UN students a leadership role in the UHSMUN program. They will compete at out of town conferences which may include Berkeley, New York, and San Diego. (We expect these events to be held online in the event of shelter-in-place orders.) In addition, advanced students will serve as the “Secretariat.” Duties may include assisting UHSMUN and JrMUN students with research, chairing classroom debates, mentoring new delegates, serving as advisors at local conferences, and raising funds to subsidize travel. Advanced Team members must be age 14 or older and have a minimum one year of Model UN and/or other relevant experience. Admission to the Advanced Team is subject to approval of the instructor only. Weekly class sessions may be held either in person or online as needed.

1.5 hr, Fridays, 2:30pm – 4:00pm

$462 + $17 materials fee = $479