In this six-week course you will explore alternative art-making and journaling techniques that will strengthen your individual artistic voice and feed your creative juices. This class is about exploring. I will provide you with many fun techniques that make journaling easy. This course helps you establish a regular routine of journal entry while you explore assignments using writing, drawing, and mixed media. Experimenting with many styles of journal writing and expression, no expertise is needed as you will begin to “notice what you notice” in daily life. The mundane becomes the extraordinary as we practice our motto “It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect.” This is where you stop worrying and start doing. The results are unique to each student and provide the fuel for continued artistic and personal growth, fostering a life-long practice of creative observation.

No previous art or writing experience needed.

-A sketchbook, notebook, or journal. Spiral bound to lie flat while working. Size: minimum 6”x8” maximum 8.5”x11”

Optional Supplies
-Any other writing/drawing materials you like, e.g. colored pencils, markers. (Wet media such as watercolor is also an option, but then be sure to get a heavier paper mixed media sketchbook.)
-Scissors, glue, collage papers

1-1/2 hrs, six class meetings, October 27 - Dec 8 (no class November 24)
Tuesdays, 1:00pm -2:30pm

Teens4Teens is a philanthropic organization founded by Urban Homeschoolers’ 14-year-old Lorelei Darling. Teens4Teens’ primary mission is to help children in foster care, the homeless population and lower income families by working directly with Penny Lane Foster Centers and their sister organizations.  Being part of Teens4Teens, in addition to helping other youth in need, proves to our teen members’ selves and to the world around them that teenagers are smart, passionate, and aware and caring about what themselves and their peers are going through. By having teens involved in helping others, Teens4Teens also breaks some of the stereotypes society unfairly places on today’s teenagers. They achieve these goals through discussions of other teen philanthropists, participation in holiday drives, fundraisers, and field trips and volunteer opportunities with Penny Lane Centers.

For more information about Teens4Teens, visit their website here.

1 hr. Fridays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm