The goal of this class is to foster a desire to “be the change” to help make our community, nation and world a better place for those who come after us. Through practices of philanthropy, charity and stewardship we dedicate the semester to helping three main organizations: one for humans, one for animals and one for the environment. Students learn of other children from around the world who have made an impact for good through mindful choices, community awareness and civic action. They also are introduced to the many wonderful charitable organizations both locally and globally. With the changes we are implementing due to Covid19, the biggest change Social Action will face is the way in which we donate to the organizations the students vote on. Past semesters relied on the sales from the school snack store and pizza lunch days. This semester our donations will be in a different form. Some ideas have already been discussed with current members such as providing companionship to those in need through a pen pal program or perhaps offering online craft time for kids with the possibility for donations.

1 hr, Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

This is the class for the “Heart of Childhood”, the Golden Age when students have grasped their capacities, but aren’t yet (too much!) under the shadow of adolescence. This age is rife with challenges, but capable of magnificent achievements! We will continue to work with number, form, language and literature, but especially we will develop our courage to face new challenges with confidence in our capacity to prevail!

3 hrs. Fridays, 12:30pm - 3:30pm