Jr MUN Model introduces young people to the field of international affairs. Students explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, learn the art of public speaking, and simulate UN debate and procedures. They learn about different countries and cultures by role playing and becoming leaders in those countries. Class meets in person or online depending on current conditions.

1 hr. Mondays, 1:30pm - 2:30pm

This is a business class for 10-11-year olds. Students learn what it takes to make money, also how to make a business plan and develope real-life money skills. They also think of a business that they want to start and we find opportunities for them to sell their product or service online, or in real life!

1 hr. Mondays, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Let’s talk boats from thousands of years ago or about the tankers sitting off The Port of LA. It will be a blend of history and the changing science of how ships evolved. How were they created and what do ships from ancient times have in common with the ships of today? Think about aircraft carriers compared to three masted sailboats – they all had to stay afloat and if they didn’t we would like to know why! We can learn about draft, survival at sea, life on board, navigation, knots, and ocean currents. We will choose some particular ships, like The Mary Rose, The Pampanito, and learn about the science behind unearthing treasures from places like The Whydah Pirate Museum. 

1 hr. Monday, 9:00am - 10:00am
$308 + $15 materials fee = $323

I’m happy to still be teaching about the places I love and perhaps some places that we couldn’t/shouldn’t go! At the end of this spring semester we “went” to Area 51, Challenger Deep, and The Bermuda Triangle. When all is right with the world, we will learn about a person/place, and then go to where they have had a great influence. If we must be online, we will focus on museums, gardens, and palaces throughout the world. Maybe The Frick in NYC, The Smithsonian in Washington, Le Louvre in Paris, St. Petersburg, Windsor Castle – any where we want! The class can spend time diving into the lives of heroes and icons and learn about their legacy. We will go to our chosen place if possible. If we go on a self-guided tour, siblings, whether they are older or younger, can listen to our little docents and the whole family can enjoy time well spent.

When class is allowed to meet in person, this class will have field trips after studying local places of interest.

1 hr, Monday's, 2:30pm - 3:30pm