Core English is all about meeting students where they are on their journey to becoming better communicators. It is about communication in all of its forms - written, spoken, and non-verbal. Students will learn advanced grammar to help them become better communicators in print. They will study and practice speaking and presenting. They will read to practice reading between the lines and to observe how excellent writers use language devices to communicate their ideas. Students can anticipate building skills and capacities in these areas: MLA style writing format, Building complex sentences with dependent and independent clauses, Developing clear theses for essays, How to answer essay prompts on standardized tests (like the SAT or ACT), Practice doing oral presentations, Analyzing readings for logical fallacies and language devices, And more! Additionally, Core English is designed with the A-G requirements in mind. Topics covered will include skills expected to meet the A-G requirements. Core English is for High School students aged 14 and up. It will meet 2 days a week for the entire school year. This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

1 hr. Mondays & Fridays, 11:00am - 12:00pm
$518 + $40 materials fee = $558

Writing is about telling a story. What is your story? What story would you like to share with the world? Using our imagination and personal experiences, we will explore the world of creative writing through a series of exercises to help you grow. This is a wonderful opportunity for the student to enjoy the writing process, whether it's a special concept you've always had or a personal experience you would like to explore, this workshop will allow us to learn what it means to be a dynamic storyteller. We will also read from passages from published material, so we can also learn from the great writers of our time. We will discuss what you love about writing and what your thoughts are on what you look for in a compelling story. You will not only learn tools to become a better writer, but you will also learn how to have fun during the process. This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

1.5 hr. Wednesdays 12:30pm - 2:00pm

In this class, we will closely examine a wide range of genres and texts to gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding of profound literary work.  In addition to literary devices and thematic exploration, students will also find historical, visual, sociological, and psychological parallels between fiction and the real world. We will learn about some of the author's lives and see how their work reflected and related to their personal background. Students will be encouraged to write more thoroughly and with a sophisticated eye, to capture the essence of the author's work and discuss it in a meaningful way. This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

2 hrs. Wednesdays, 10:30am - 12:00pm

Spanish 2 is designed for high school students who have had some form of formal Spanish instruction and who want to have fun while improving their Spanish skills. While there is a heavy emphasis on conversation (my goal is to conduct many, if not most, classes in Spanish), there will be an increased emphasis on grammar and writing. Students will work collaboratively to practice their conversational skills and to research and present projects – in Spanish, but using whatever media they choose -- reflecting an aspect of culture (e.g., food, dance, music, literature, history, art, crafts) of a Spanish-speaking community. Whether our classes occur virtually or in person, we will make use of a range of online materials so that students can improve their listening skills. I’m recommending the free version of Duolingo for supplementing our class work, but students may use any programs that give them the opportunity to listen and improve their comprehension. I expect students to spend at least 15-30 minutes per day listening to and practicing spoken Spanish, in addition to the homework assigned. There are many free materials that can help all types of learners, and I am happy to help students find something that works for them. To the extent possible, I will try to differentiate assignments according to ability level. 

Native Spanish speakers are welcome; if you have not studied Spanish formally, please contact me prior to the beginning of the year so we can work together on the best way to proceed. I also will work with students who transfer from immersion programs. Please see me if you are have studied in an immersion program.

Required materials: Realidades 1 and 2, 2011 editions
Realidades workbooks 1 and 2
Access to free version of Duolingo
Physical Spanish/English dictionary (preferably 2011 or later)
Whiteboard and dry erase marker

1hr, Wednesday, 2:00pm - 3:00pm, 1 hr. Friday, 1:30pm-2:30 pm
$406 + $30 materials fee = $436