This class is designed to foster community-mindedness in our youngest philanthropists. Through exploration, discussion, and action within our local communities, your child will gain a sense of belonging, ownership, and ultimately, social concern. Students will be introduced to local community service and charitable organizations. They will also learn about other young children who have started their own charities or have organized or taken part in spectacular “Giving Back” events. Ultimately, students will get the opportunity to volunteer, help spread awareness on causes that are important to them, and understand that no matter their age, they have a voice in which to make change happen. 

1hr, Thursdays On Campus

The goal of this class is to foster a desire to “be the change” to help make our community, nation, and world a better place for those who come after us. Through practices of philanthropy, charity, and stewardship we dedicate the semester to helping three main organizations: one for humans, one for animals, and one for the environment. Students learn of other children from around the world who have made an impact for good through mindful choices, community awareness, and civic action. They also are introduced to the many wonderful charitable organizations both locally and globally.

1 hr, Thursdays On Campus 
4:00pm - 5:00pm

Teens4Teens is a philanthropic organization founded by Urban Homeschoolers’ 16-year-old Lorelei Darling. Teens4Teens’ primary mission is to help children in foster care, the homeless population, and lower-income families by working directly with Penny Lane Foster Centers and their sister organizations.  Being part of Teens4Teens, in addition to helping other youth in need, proves to our teen members’ selves and to the world around them that teenagers are smart, passionate, aware, and caring about what themselves and their peers are going through. By having teens involved in helping others, Teens4Teens also breaks some of the stereotypes society unfairly places on today’s teenagers. They achieve these goals through discussions of other teen philanthropists, participation in holiday drives, fundraisers, field trips, and volunteer opportunities with Penny Lane Centers.

For more information about Teens4Teens, visit their website here.

1 hr, Wednesdays On Campus, 11:00am - 12:00pm


1hr, Thursdays Online or On Campus, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Free* for UHS Students

*Students who are not taking other UHS classes can register and pay the $50 registration fee.