This class focuses on techniques for self-defense against weapons, punches, kicks and holds. It will be fun and relaxed! Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting pants (like sweat pants) and a t-shirt.  Shoes are optional. 

Rob Endres has been practicing Shaolin Kempo Karate for 27 years. He earned his Black Belt in 1992 (the night before his wedding!) and has spent the past 7 years teaching friends and family.

1 hr. Wednesdays On Campus, 9:00am - 10:00am

Beginning Tai Chi (Tai Chi Yang Form) (can be online) Beginning Tai Chi covers basic movement, breathing and technique as well as the Tai Chi short form. We will start with the basic movement and breathe that provides even the beginner an immediate positive response in the body.  As the semester continues we will learn the Tai Chi Yang form.  It is a short form consisting of 24 steps, a beginning form.  Every position in the form allows proper energy movement for each of the vital organs as well as balance and focus. This class will translate well and be essentially the same online.

Parents are invited to join this class with their students, however we ask you to enroll in the class through the parent portal. Use the Parents' enrollment option to enroll without a fee.

1 hr. Wednesdays On Campus, 1:00pm - 2:00pm