Los Angeles is a mecca of diversity, creativity and individuality and it deserves to be embraced. In this mixed ages artist community, the primary focus will be local and living artists: their work, style and story.  

Topics will include local painters, muralists, sculptors and mixed media artists. We will use these discussions to inspire our own version of their work. This class will be easily moved from online to in person and vice versa. An art kit with supplies needed for various projects will be provided. Whether in person or online, classes will start together as a group for the lesson, break apart during project time, then come together again at the end  for students to share their work, discuss their process, and look to peers for positive feedback if so desired...basically, be a community of artists who inspire and support each other.

1 hr. Wednesdays, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
$308 + $30 materials fee = $338