The First Crusade Crisis

Online Homeschool Model United Nations Conference

August 12 – 14, 2020

10:00 am to 12:00 pm (Each Day)

Held on Zoom

Middle/High School Novice Level (Ages 12 and up) Experienced and novice delegates welcome.

$35 per delegate

($25 can be applied to Fall 2020 Model United Nations Tuition)

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Join Urban Homeschoolers Model United Nations for our Online Historical Crisis Conference August 12 – 14, 2020. Crisis Committees are a different version of regular MUN committees which involve simulations of the General Assembly. While GA committees are known for their static nature and development, crisis is both dynamic and fast-paced. The rules tend to be less formal, and the situation shifts constantly in real time. Delegates play the role of either a real life or fictional person in a historical scenario which changes as the simulation progresses. They will debate their positions while forming coalitions, undermining adversaries, and creating solutions appropriate to the historical period.

This conference will be held on Zoom in its entirety. After enrolling, delegates will be provided a brief background guide on the topic and a Zoom link. Note: delegates must be prepared to participate on all three days.

Crisis Topic – The First Crusade

It is the year 1096, and Europe is in turmoil. The serfs are dying in their fields, and the nobility sit in their castles, growing rich off the sacrifices of the serfs. It is a lawless land and many countries of Europe have erupted with infighting between local lords. Pope Urban the second, leader of Christendom, has seen this turmoil and is afraid his power may be waning. In order to maintain his power, he decides he needs to declare a crusade. A crusade to take back the Holy Land of Jerusalem from its captors. The crusade has been successful so far, and the crusaders have arrived at the city of Jerusalem. They are settling in for a siege, with famine and disease beginning to plague them. Will you fight for the cross and Christendom or will you fight for the crescent and the holy city of Jerusalem?

Conference Schedule

Day One – Delegate Training & Research

Day Two – Debate & Crisis Updates

Day Three – Debate & Awards

August 12 – 14, 2020

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