Using the work of Brené Brown, author of ten books on vulnerability, courage, and leadership, we explore how leadership is evolving for the 21st century. The primary skills to be taught and put into practice are considered “soft skills” by the human resources industry and these are the skills that Brené Brown’s research has proven are the most essential for today’s leaders in every walk of life. Skills like how to have difficult conversations and stay connected, empathy, communication, how to build trust and courage in our groups, how to create real collaboration, developing gratitude in ourselves and our families, communities, and organizations. 

Students read excerpts from Brené’s work and the works of Angela Duckworth and Amy Cuddy, wrestle with ideas of vulnerability, resilience, grit, presence, empathy, courage, and take action to develop their own skills in these areas. Action steps include journaling prompts, role plays, building a gratitude practice for themselves, and more.

The homework for this class is primarily putting the things they’re learning into practice and then reflect on how the practices affected them. Reflections are done in class and turned in. The real work is developing the practice.

1 hr., Mondays, 10 am - 11 am

This year-long specialty course in history focuses on the History & Culture of the Fiji Islands and the region of the South Pacific. Taking the Fiji Islands and other islands of the South Pacific as our subject we explore ideas like colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, indentured servitude and its effects on tribal cultures, and the economy of developing nations. We look at how a country builds independent government structures after colonialism ends. The fall semester includes units on the geography, history, government and economy of Fiji.

In the Spring semester we focus on culture. We’ll study the people who make up the Fijian population today. The traditional and current customs, etiquette, clothing, food, religions, festivals, arts, and lifestyles are the themes of our discussions, research, and projects.

Why this focus on Fiji The answer is this course is a pre-requisite for a high school trip to take place in May after the school year ends. A 9- day immersion trip to Fiji for high school students is planned. The trip includes elements of cultural exchange, community service, study of the local ecology of the coral reefs, and experience of life in the southern hemisphere.

Registration for the trip is separate and not required to take the course, however taking the course fulfills a requirement if your student would like to go on the trip.

This course requires work outside of class times. It also requires students to participate in some online activities including but not limited to an online discussion forum, online quizzes or assessments, and online assignments. Please make sure your child has access to the course at UHS Online when the term begins

1 hr, Mondays, 9:00am - 10:00am

AngeliaTravel Team for UHSMUN Leaders
Our Travel Team gives experienced model UN students a leadership role in our UHSMUN program. They will compete at out of town conferences including Berkeley, New York, and San Diego. In addition, they will serve as the “Secretariat” for UHSMUN. Duties may include assisting with research, chairing classroom debates, mentoring new delegates, serve as advisors to UHSMUN delegates at local conferences, and raising funds to subsidize travel.

Travel Team members must be age 14 or older and have a minimum one year of model UN experience. Admission to the Travel Team is by application only. Click HERE to apply online or contact Angelia Smith Robinson for more information.

Admission to the Travel Team is by application only.

Note: There is an additional MUN course for students 12+ that does not travel to conferences out of town and out of state. For more information, see Special Programs/12+ or search for Model United Nations in the search bar.

1.5 hr, Mondays and Fridays, 2:30pm – 4:00pm


Teens4Teens is a philanthropic organization founded by Urban Homeschoolers’ 14-year-old Lorelei Darling. Teens4Teens’ primary mission is to help children in foster care, the homeless population and lower income families by working directly with Penny Lane Foster Centers and their sister organizations.  Being part of Teens4Teens, in addition to helping other youth in need, proves to our teen members’ selves and to the world around them that teenagers are smart, passionate, and aware and caring about what themselves and their peers are going through. By having teens involved in helping others, Teens4Teens also breaks some of the stereotypes society unfairly places on today’s teenagers. They achieve these goals through discussions of other teen philanthropists, participation in holiday drives, fundraisers, and field trips and volunteer opportunities with Penny Lane Centers.

For more information about Teens4Teens, visit their website here.

1.5 hr, Fridays, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

This workshop meets once a month to help students get ready for their trip to Fiji, individually and as a group. It meets once a month for prep sessions. In the first semester the meetings are on the second Saturday of the month. The first is a meet up for planning at the church. The October meeting is a two-night camping trip to prep students for living a little rough, and to bond as a group. There are a couple of service projects yet to be determined. At least one is environmental. We are pairing up with other student/youth groups.

The second semester also includes a couple of service projects and practical prep such as packing planning, practice journaling and making sure all travel requirements are met.

Students joining this trip are required to take at least one of the following classes for the entire year. Taking both courses is encouraged as are City Schooling and Human Mind Prints.

  • History and Culture of the Fiji Islands
  • Human Footprints
Mr. Guest and Miss Tami partner to run this required workshop! Fiji, here we come!!!!

2nd Saturday of the month, 9:30 am 11:30am