In this class we will explore four different fun and exciting genres. Each week we will focus on one and write a unique story specializing in our chosen genre. 

Week 1 Dystopian/Science Fiction and before we start writing, students will get to hear some brilliant writing samples from H.G. Wells, George Orwell (Animal Farm), Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), and/or Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner). 

Week 2 Comedy! We will read excerpts from famous comedians or comedic writers and then set out to do something daring, bold, and of course... funny!

Week 3 We will focus on theater and poetry and we will draw inspiration from Shakespeare and some short films to write our mini play or short film script. 

Week 4 We will do Fantasy and read some selections from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Students will also have opportunity to discuss the work and learn what it means to be a dynamic storyteller. You will not only learn how to improve your writing, but have a blast during the creative process.

Class will meet 2 times a week in July on Mondays and Fridays at 1pm with an opportunity to check in Wednesday if needed by appointment in the 1pm hour. 1 hour class

Mondays & Fridays: July 6 & 10, 13 & 17, 20 & 24, 27 & 31
1 pm, $150


Photo class for the whole family!

Take photos of animals and plants you see in your neighborhood. We will identify them together with books/internet/me and learn about them. Could possibly end with a social distant hike in Griffith Park/LA river--if safety allows! 1 hour class

Ages: Whole family

Tuesdays in August 10am, August 4, 11, 18, 25

Ms. Kirsten has found lots of board game type fun things online that she wants to share. Come play with her and your friends!

Ages: Whole family

10 am for 1 hour. June 17, July 1, 15, 29, August 12




Skylar Smith and Lorelei Leary (supervised by Anna Smith)

Teen facilitators will run these fun game nights. A great way to keep up with friends and fun over the long hot summer of quarantine.

Teen Nights Fridays at 6pm June 19th, July 17th and August 14th 

Tween Nights Fridays at 6pm July 10th, and August 7th

Ages: Teens and Tween

6 pm for 2 hours  



In this 10-day summer challenge, students will learn tips, tricks, shortcuts, and other strategies for doing mental math calculations quickly, accurately, and easily.

When a student struggles with arithmetic (add, subtract, multiply and divide), algebra can feel like an eternal nightmare. This challenge is designed to help students gain a strong grasp of math facts using tips, tricks, shortcuts, and other strategies to make mental math calculations quick and easy.

Your student will learn:
  • Tips for multiplying & dividing numbers ending in zeroes
  • Multiplying & dividing numbers by 4
  • All the divisibility rules
  • The distributive property trick for multiplication
  • Dividing by 9s
  • Multiplying 2 digit numbers by 11
  • Multiplying by 25
  • Squaring a number that ends in 5
  • Dividing by 25
  • Multiplying by 15 (or finding 15%)
  • Squaring a 2 digit number beginning with 5
  • Squaring a 2 digit number ending in 1
  • And many more tips, tricks, and strategies

Your child will also get practice with common addition and subtraction facts and learn strategies for adding and subtracting numbers faster and easier with a high degree of accuracy.

In addition, parents will get a list of recommendations and resources you can use to continue to help your child gain confidence in their ability to calculate sums, differences, products, and quotients quickly, accurately, and easily after class is over. You may even find practicing with your child is fun and helps you improve your mental math as well. 1 hour class

Age: 10-14

Dates: June 22 & 26, July 6 & 10, 13 & 17, 20 & 24, 27 & 31 at 10 am


To paraphrase the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, life is one darn project after another. All projects are different, but the process for accomplishing them is largely the same. Come up with an idea, figure out what steps and resources you’ll need, create a timeline with deadlines,and then --- VOILA! Except for forgetting some steps and not being able to get resources and realizing someone else did your exact idea better and …. Well, you get the idea. Being able tobreak projects down into discrete steps AND being able to adapt when things don’t go according to plan is an important and life-affirming skill.

Our Summer Session will involve lots of brainstorming and planning. If you have a project in mind, great! If you have no idea what you’d like to do, that’s fine! We will work together and support each other in developing your ideas and expanding your creative skills. This class will meet weekly on Zoom during the summer and continue into the fall, either online or in person as

conditions permit.

Class will meet for one hour on Mondays at 2:30 pm every other week during the summer

June 29, July 13, 27 and August 10, and 24

(This class will continue for students who wish to in Fall Semester. Summer is a great chance to see if this Project suits you!)

Age: 14+



Come listen to Ms. Rebecca’s skill as a long time Storyteller! She has fabulous stories with lots of silly characters and props! Her magic will make the day great for the whole family.

Ages: Whole family

10 am for 1 hour, June 2, July 8, 2, August 5, 19



We will start with the book Hold Fast by Blue Balliett and meet once a month to discuss our reading. We will select the next book at our first meeting.

Age: teens

11 on Wednesday mornings. June 17, July 15, and August 12th



Xtreme Human Physiology for the whole family!

What happens to the human body when it is deep in the ocean, at the top of a huge mountain or experiencing 4 or 5 G’s of pressure? Find out with Ms. Michelle in this 4 week series where she shares her knowledge and fascination with you! 1 hour class


Age: Whole family

Tuesday at 10am, July 7, 14, 21, 28